Wednesday, March 10, 2010

What's the One Thing That, as Tarot Readers, we tend to forget.....

That's the questions I asked the cards today.  

The cards answered me back.   Justice..

(Here's Justice from A King's Journey Tarot)

As I tried to understand what the cards were telling me, I realized that we aren't always aware of the weight that our words carry. We peer into the future and explain the past, and show them why they are where they are now, but they will take our words and go off with that.

But of course, that's what we do!  What we need to be aware of is the weight of our words and the ripple effects that we cause when we say them. Choosing the right word or tone can make all the difference. Our own judgments may also come to play in what the querent may do with the information.

We also tend to forget that some of the information gets buffered before reaching the querents.. 'mind'. What I mean by that is that some of the words may go in one ear or out the other, or maybe it goes over their head.. or even still.. what about , ' hearing only what you want to hear?'. There are consequences for them if they get information overload.

Remember we are opening a doorway that allows them to take action and for that there may be consequences and ripple effects into daily life.

Make sure that you provide a safe space to interact with your client, and help them by giving them the tools to understand the information you are deciphering for them. Be patient when they don't understand, because they  might not understand the message very clearly. Just ground yourself and explain clearly the picture you see.  At this point, they need to be aware and accountable, but we aren't looking at judgment, we are looking at the door that opens into the magickal world where they still have a choice to correct past mistakes and understand the lessons that their past has led them to. Help them see the larger picture, by being patient, speaking clearly, and giving them the tools, so that they can move through the door a bit more fluidly.

Remember the choice is theirs to make, we just need to illuminate the possibilities so they can understand them and make responsible and empowered choices about their life.